1. Do you actually make the tile?
Yes, we manufacture the tile in our factory in Little Rock, AR. We use all North American raw materials. The body is mixed, pressed, fired and mounted in the USA.

2. Do you ship tile?
Yes, we ship directly from our factory to anywhere in the world.

3. What colors do you make?
We custom match and make all historical colors from the 1860s-1940s. Click here for or our historical color palette. Shop pics are also helpful for color combinations.

4. What sizes do you make?
We manufacturer all historical sizes from the 1860s-1940s. Click here for our historical sizes. If you don’t see it listed, call us, we probably have tooling.

5. What is your turn-around time?
Every job is custom, and turn around time depends on the schedule in the plant as well as the size of your project. Typical turn-around time is 12 weeks from deposit. Lead times are estimated. Unforeseen delays do sometimes occur and can cause project delays. Please try to give yourself as much advance time as possible when placing orders to minimize the potential for delays in getting your materials.

6. How do I order?

Contact our office at 501-455-1000 or email us at tile@restorationtile.com. Square footage, linear footage and sketches of your space are very helpful. We are happy to quote your project before you place an order.

7. Do you have photos of past projects?
Yes, visit our installations page for photos from past projects. We post new pictures all the time online. We can send specific combinations from our archives.

8. Do you make numerals and letters?
Yes, we do. Please contact our office at 501-455-1000 or email us at tile@restorationtile.com for more information. See the website and the brochure for more examples. We are happy to make electronic mock-ups using your space requirements and lettering needs.

9. Is there a price list?
Yes, let us know what you are looking for. We will happily quote specifically or email a price list for your use.

10. What is the spacing between the tiles?
Standard spacing is 3/32”. We can space as tight as 1/16”. Historically we match existing, otherwise we mount at 3/32”.

11. What color grout should I use?
Medium/light grey sanded grout. Click here for the installation guide.

12. What kind of sealer should I use?
Matte to semi-matte stone sealer. Click here for the cleaning and maintenance guide.

13. Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards. Personal checks and electronic transfers are all accepted. Check processing does not delay production of your order.

14. Do you make wall tile in custom colors?
Yes, we custom match wall tile colors. We will need to see a sample of the tile before we can give you a quote on your color match. Glazed wall tiles vary in shades. This is a natural characteristc of glazed ceramic tile. Tiles should be blended during installation for best results.

15. What is your return policy?
All of our tile is custom made. Once you receive your order, please inspect the tiles. We will glady correct any defects or inaccurate orders before installation. We do not refund after installation.