Calculate your perimeter.   Length + Width + Length + Width.  

 If you figured it in inches, divide by 12 to get linear feet.    To figure square feet of border ( this will be important later), multiply the linear inches by the number of tiles in your border multiplied by a factor of .8 ( 4 tiles = 3.2", 5 tiles = 4", 10 tiles= 8") then divide all that by 144.   

EXAMPLE:  100 linear inches of 6 tile border is   100" x 4.8"= 480 in2 / 144 = 3.33 ft2
Find your area in inches. Length x Width. Divide by 144 to get square feet. Subtract the square footage of the border if you're using a border.

We recommend 8-10% overage for waste and attic stock. Some installers insist on more; however, our tile is mounted to yield very little waste.

If all this makes your brain hurt, just send us the measurements. If you want a border, designate where you want that border to go so we can figure the corners correctly.
- American Restoration Tile
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