1. Seal your tile! Before you grout. We like Porous Plus 511 from Miracle Sealants.

2. Use sanded grout. Just use it. We know there’s new epoxy grouts on the market. Use sanded grout without additives.

3. If you choose to use dark grout, seal it twice before you grout.

4. Please don’t use epoxy grout. If you use epoxy grout and it stains the surface of your tile, please don’t ask for a refund. We told you not to use it.

5. If you install your tile, and then decide you don’t like the color, or your installer screws the pattern up, or you didn’t seal it and it gets stained by your dark grout, we can’t refund your money. There is nothing we can do once that stuff is grouted in.

6. This stuff is custom. We make it just for you . You can’t return your chicken sandwich with extra mayo after you’ve taken a bite. You can’t return your monogrammed bath robe. Youknowwhatimsayin?

7. Use a nice voice. We're sensitive.

8. If your installer calls and yells at us, we're justified to yell back.

9. Your floor will not come all put together. It wouldn’t fit through the door that way. It's not rolled up like carpet rug. It’ll come in sheets of border and corners and field, and you’ll have to piece it all together at install.

10. If you pick a pattern for a pre-defined space- lets say a border- it has to be a very exact measurement (within the 3/4” ) and within the repeat of the pattern to fit exactly in that space without messing up the pattern. If you have a pre-defined space, like a hole in your wood flooring you’re filling with a mat, go with stripes. Or know that the pattern is going to have to have a little change when it meets the corner. Or pick a good installer. 

11. Calling won’t speed up your order. It just wont. We’re working on it. For real.

12. You can’t have Cheap, Good, and Fast. It doesn’t exist. You can have Cheap and Fast, but then you leave out Good. You can have Good and Fast, but that leaves out Cheap. We’re Expensive, Slow, and Really Good.
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