1. Send us an email to say hi. Tell us about your project. If you’re an overachiever, send us the dimensions of your space and which patterns you are interested in. Bonus points if you include your address and phone number in that email. 
Email Erin at


2. We’ll send you a color board of our historical palette. It's free! You can pick your colors from that board, and customize any design with any colors without changing price.


3. We’ll send you a full quote with shipping charges and a small mock of of your pattern for you to review. We recommend 10% overage for attic stock and installer error. We sheet the tile in a manner that shouldn’t yield much waste.


4. If you need a physical mock of your space, we’ll work that out. We make every order from scratch, so we don’t always have every color in every shape manufactured. If you’d like a larger format mock up that involves multiple sheets, expect a $250 fee to cover materials and time.


5. We are also able to create larger computer generated mocks to scale in your space. Those also take us significant time, and will carry a $250 design fee. This doesn’t apply to small mocks included on your initial quote.


6. When all the details are hammered out, and all the decisions are made, We’ll send an invoice you can pay online with any credit or debit card. A 60% deposit holds your place in the production queue, and the remaining 40% is due at the time of shipment. We’re happy to accept a paper check as well.
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